Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Final grades

Course grades:
A50351 Final grade: 75
B00642 Final grade: 75
A60793 Final grade: 85
720541 Final grade: 65
A71203 Final grade: 80
A81118 Final grade: 90
A91388 Final grade: 70
A91421 Final grade: 70
A72222 Final grade: 80
A72620 Final grade: 80
B02755 Final grade: 75
A62608 Final grade: 75
B02950 Final grade: 70
A15306 Final grade: 90
A54283 Perdido
B06708 Final grade: 80

1. Ampliación exam is on 02/25
2. Grades for each evaluation rubric and overall results are posted in office 12.
3. Steven and Pamela, please contact me. Check out your e-mails.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Homework #5: Facts vs. Opinions

Read the article “Life After Death?” and indicate whether this reading has a tendency towards objectivity or subjectivity. In order to accomplish this aim, state the topic sentence (or the thesis statement) and provide four arguments that support your claim. Reflect upon the passages you selected and explain if they are factual information or just opinions given by the author.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Homework#3: Topic Sentence/ Rhetorical Patterns

Read the article The Sexes: Anatomy of a difference. Then, (1) state the topic sentence of the reading. (2) Provide examples of three different rhetorical patterns.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Homework #2: Word and Sentence Structure

Read the article Amelia Earhart. Then, (1) choose five new words from the reading and analyze their structure. Indicate whether or not they are compound by any prefix or suffix and how they alter the meaning of the word. (2) Extract three examples of different sentence patterns from the reading. Use chapter 4 as a referent to analyze their syntactic components.

Homework #1: Context Clues

Read the article: The Legend of Nessie. Then choose five new words from the reading and state the strategy you used to decipher their meaning and the part of speech they belong to.